The Mort Pluviometer was manufactured by Davies Kent (NSW) Pty Ltd. Mort Pluviometers were used extensively in the 1970's to monitor rainfall. This unit was installed at Council's McLachlan Street Works Depot in 1978 and was used to record rainfall for about 20 years before being replaced by a more modern "tipping bucket" style unit, which features electronic recording.

Method of operation
Rainfall is gathered in the funnel at the top of the unit and transferred to the water storage tube. A float in the water storage tube rises as the tube fills and activates the pen drive wheel which moves the pen across the chart drum. The chart drum is powered by a clockwork mechanism with a one-week duration between windings. A graduated chart is attached to the surface of the chart drum. The combination of the rotation of the chart drum and the motion of the pen results in the amount, time and duration of the rainfall event being recorded.

Orange City Council Collection