Fishing Rods

Over the centuries fishing rods have been made from a great variety of materials and technologies, from a single piece of green heart willow, still used in China today, to new high tech materials like glass and carbon fibre which make rods of great strength and lightness. Fishing rods from bottom to top:

  • Bill Southam 2 piece cane rod c.1930
  • Hardy Bros. 3 piece cane rod, c.1950-60
  • Kilwell glass fibre 2 piece rod, made in New Zealand, c.1965
  • Glass fibre 2 piece rod, maker unknown, c.1940
  • Three piece cane rod, maker unknown
  • Daiwa, 2 piece heavy-duty carbon fibre rod, 2000
  • cottish stream rod, 4 piece modern composite carbon fibre, 2004
Loan courtesy members of OTAS