These fine kayaks were made in Denmark in 1968 by Struer of hot-moulded veneer, with an outer layer of cedar. They were the very best in the world at the time. Both have the Olympic brand behind the cockpit. John took delivery of the kayaks in Mexico City just before the 1968 Olympics. The K1 was raced in the 1972 Munich Olympics. The K2 was used in the Mexico Olympics, when John and his partner Adrian Powell made the semi finals. It was also raced in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, when John paddled with John Sumegi.

The green blazer was worn by John Southwood as part of the official uniform from the 1972 Munich Olympics, and the yellow blazer was worn for the 1976 Montreal Olympics. John Southwood is one of Orange’s finest athletes. He won 25 Australian canoeing championships and represented Australia in three Olympics.

Loan courtesy John Southwood